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Friday, April 29, 2005

Why Christian and Atheist Libertarians Get Along

Kenn Gividen writes, "When any sectarian group controls government, people die." Whether Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or atheist. But libertarians are inclusive.

I think it can be summarized as, there are Christians who want to "help" God through the State (criminalizing "sin," redistribute wealth, go to war against "evil"), and there are atheists who seek to make the State our God. With both, you get an ever-growing State. But then there are Christians and atheists who just don't believe in the State at all.

That latter view is both so rare, and so powerful, that it transcends the philosophical and religious differences. At the heart of State control is the exploitation of our fears and hatreds. Those who refuse to be exploited - libertarians - will naturally develop affection for each other despite religious differences.

That's probably why I felt more at home at the one Libertarian National Convention I attended than at any Christian camp or retreat I've been to.

Patrioticus at Liberty For All - Online Magazine

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