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Sunday, April 03, 2005

John Paul II

Real Americans must rejoice at the passing of this anti-American Pope. After all, his autocratic "culture of life" ethic confused many Americans on what to think about Terri Schiavo. This bishop of Krakow obviously doesn't know what pain and suffering is all about (that is, aside from the trivialities of his losing his entire family by the age of 20, living under Nazi and then Communist occupation, and his own last years). Whatever you may think of the Schiavo case, she was necessary collateral damage to the doctines of "rule of law" and "federalism." Not only did Catholic moral teaching fail to address these core values under his watch, the Pope was consistently insensitive to the concerns of liberal white people on at least three continents!

Also, the Pope was insensitive to our good intentions to spread Democracy abroad, choosing to focus on the collateral damage of Iraqi civilian deaths, instead of basing his theology on the ideology of our President. What an ingrate!

Yes, maybe this Pope was of some service in questioning the moral legitimacy of communism, but he went too hard-line after that, making too many Americans feel uncomfortable about their lifestyles and ideology.

Let's hope the Cardinals see the error of their medieval thinking and appoint a lesbian of color - preferably Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, or Hindu, to become the next Pope. And who has served at a neo-conservative think-tank. That should appease most Americans. Frankly, the Catholics have monopolized the Papacy for too long. The rest of us should sue.

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