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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Congress Knows Best

Some day, I will lose control of my emotions and really unleash on Tom Davis, Waxman, and especially John McCain. I will restrain myself now and call them grandstanding fascists who represent the very worst of the American political tradition. Arrogant paternalism. Congress knows best. Leave no area of our lives unregulated.

The NFL banned steroids before Congress ever did. How, then, does Congress now have the authority to tell the NFL that it's not doing enough? Is this not a hint that private entities are often able to regulate themselves and look after their own best interest? And besides, even if steroids were rampant in the NFL, what business is it of Congress? Where in the Constitution does it have the authority to step in? And even if it has the authority, why should it? What's at stake? How much harm is being done? Why would Congress know which forms of testing are best, and how many games suspension are enough?

The more pressing question is, DOESN'T CONGRESS HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO? We're losing an unjust and unnecessary war and those responsible are getting away with their lies. Our dollar is falling, and the deficit is out of control. Illegal immigrants are pouring in, and Medicare is headed for bankruptcy even quicker than Social Security is.

Steroid abuse is a fringe problem, a side issue. We don't have the time for fringe issues anymore. But this isn't why Congress is holding these hearings. This is about power, about threats, about telling private companies and organizations who's boss.

Davis, Waxman, and their Senate co-sponsor McCain ought to be ashamed of themselves, if for no other reason, than just for wasting their time in order to inflate their egos. But since when did Congessmen ever have any shame?

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  1. hey jim -
    i don't suppose that you read my query at The Zone this morning concerning congress and the Oregon State legislature, which has 23 new bills criminalizing the derivative actions around creating and marketing meth.