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Friday, February 25, 2005

A Pattern of Deception

The question isn't if Justin Raimondo is always right, it is, why aren't the major players asking the questions he asks? Why isn't the major media doubting what the government tells them, as he is?

The one with least to gain from the poisoning of Yuschenko was Russia, just as the one with the least to gain from Harirri's assassination was Syria (and the one with the least to gain from 9-11 was Saddam Hussein).

After Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, the Clinton Administration, and the falsehoods that got us into Iraq, you would think we would have the freest, most critical, most skeptical journalists on earth. But time and time again, from Ukraine to Syria to Iran, we just receive the parrotting of the Administration's line.

Doubting the major media's claims is not a matter of paranoia, it is a matter of doubting their claims because they don't doubt the government's claims. And that is what free journalism in a free society is supposed to do - doubt and investigate the government's claims. Commercial media do not do that, while the Raimondo's of the world, who are asking the right questions, have to beg readers for financial support.

That's not right.

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