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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kingdom Works: A New Blog

Who knows how long this will go on, but I created another blog focusing on religious issues, called Kingdom Works. It is a means for me to pursue some of my other interests without distorting my intentions or meanings in the political arena.

The odd mix of religious sites listed at the bottom of this blog's list of favorites will stay here for a while, but I've duplicated them at Kingdom Works. After a while some sites will appear both here and at Kingdom Works, and others that you see here will disappear and appear only at Kingdom Works. And I will add favorites there that I won't add here, and vice-versa. The purpose is to create two distinct sites, both of which will help promote James Leroy Wilson, his books, his t-shirts, his action figures, and other products.

Seriously, I created the other blog so that the stuff about Dr. Johnson and the Catholics doesn't get mixed up in the clutter of tax cuts or other purely political phenomena. Such issues will be kept separate from each other.

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