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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Condoleeza Rice was "National Security Advisor." But was she held accountable for 9-11? Nah.

How about for the Iraq disaster?

"I would not presume to try to give the president military advice, but I do believe that he got good military advice and I do believe that the plan and the forces that we went in with were appropriate to the task," Rice said.

But she also acknowledged that "we did meet with some unforeseen circumstances."

If the National Security Advisor could neither forsee terrorist threats at home, or threats against U.S. forces abroad, then for whose "security" has she been "advising" the President?

The most precious part of this article, however was this:

If confirmed, Rice, 50, would be the first black woman, and only the second woman after Madeleine Albright (news - web sites), to be America's top diplomat.

We've already had a woman, and we've already had a black man, what's the big deal about a black woman? How many black women are supposed to hold senior Cabinet positions?

Rice cited her background, growing up in segregated Birmingham, Ala, the granddaughter of a poor cotton farmer. "I am especially indebted to those who fought and sacrificed in the civil rights movement so that I could be here today," said Rice, who like Powell, is black.

Lots of blacks have overcome segregation. Very few have royally messed up American foreign policy.

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