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Friday, January 07, 2005

My Latest At LewRockwell.com

"Radicals and the Two-Party System."


  1. I am not certain that I fully agree with one of the assumptions - that we are better off moving towards the muddle in the middle rather than by rebrokering the agreement altogether. We need to find a way where representatives actually represent their community. politicians lost touch long ago.
    Also - I would like to cross-link my blog - how did you create the links. My blog is The Zone @ www.howdt.com

  2. Done - I was hoping you'd respond. My template didn't have a link option - I went to Blogger Help and searched "links." I copied and pasted the commands onto the template. There was some trial and error, but fortunately you can preview the changes and correct it until you get it right.

    As to the article - it seems increasingly evident that reform must come from within the two major parties, because reformers working on the outside aren't getting anything done.

  3. I was with the grassroot contingent of the Perot debacle, but we were able to elect Jesse Ventura. I have to agree with you on third party politics being hopeless, but what about some other system of representation like every profession selecting two members of congress? It could be done by election through professional societies. We also might consider restricting lawyers to the judiciary, since they are members of the court - they really shouldn't be legislators.