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Monday, January 17, 2005

Dr. King and the Dream today

Rev. Jesse Peterson has a tidy explanation - and this is worth reading - but citing "character" as the obstacle to black progress overlooks the role government has played in the degradation of culture. Rotten schools, worse public housing, two generation's worth of welfare programs that discourage responsible fatherhood, and the War on Drugs certainly have impeded black progress, while insane tax policies and restrictions on business and entrepreneuship have discouraged initiative, productivity, and employment.

Yes, it's a "character" problem, the same way a Soviet man who gave his life to vodka had a "character" problem. A system can do violence to the character of an average person without hope for a better life. A freer society gives him hope, and the freer the society, the more hope there is. And with hope comes vision and responsibility, and improved character.

WorldNetDaily: Dr. King and the Dream today

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