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Monday, January 31, 2005

DiCaprio Gets Lifetime Achievement Award

Damn! My money was on Lindsay Lohan.

Seriously, I respect DiCaprio, but if "lifetime achievement" is but 17 years of making movies, it seems that Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman were in more certifiable classics over that time. (Then again, maybe they already won it.)

Yahoo! News - DiCaprio Gets Lifetime Achievement Award


  1. The only movie I can think of with DiCaprio in it that I enjoyed is Gangs of New York. Even in that movie, it was Daniel Day Lewis's role that I remember the most.

  2. Did you see "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" from about 1993 or '94? I saw it only once, yet there are few movies, and few performances, that I remember as vividly.

    I also generally liked Titanic - the two leads (including DiCaprio) and the visuals. The script, as everyone knows, sucks.