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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Civil Libertarians in the House

Logan Ferree compiled ten votes on civil liberties in the House of Representatives. Two excerpts:

3- Scores of 90 were made by Barbara Lee of California, Maxine Waters of California, John Lewis of Georgia, Jeffold Nadler of New York, Ron Paul of Texas, Bobby Scott of Virginia, and Brian Baird of Washington.


5- Ron Paul of Texas is obviously the highest Republican. Next came Robert Simmons of Connecticut, Mark Kirk of Illinois, and Jim Leach of Iowa with scores of 50. One hundred and seventeen members of Congress scored above 50, of which only one, Ron Paul, was a Republican. Only three Republicans scored a 50, meaning that of the 227 Republicans scored (Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House rarely votes and was not scored) only four voted in favor of civil liberties over 50% of the time. Of the 205 Democrats, 152 voted at least 50% of the time in favor of civil liberties.

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