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Monday, December 20, 2004


This is worse than firing Frank Solich without a better coach lined up. This is worse than reclaiming Bill Calahan from the scrap heap. Worse than losing 70-10 to Texas Tech.

Nebraska is ducking a nationally-televised Sept 1 road game to a 3-8 Houston team, in order to schedule Maine. Maine, a Division 1-AA school.

I thought that 1-A schools excused scheduling 1-AA schools as a desperate last-minute attempt to fill out the schedule. Usually, it goes like this: a school on par with Houston backs out of a traditional big-time power like Nebraska. Nebraska is forced to scramble for a replacement game, and is forced to settle for a 1-AA school, even though it hurts their BCS rating.

But no, this time, Nebraska backed out of Houston in order to play a 1-AA school. Nebraska is afraid of Houston?

Nebraska's had its share of critics over the years for a variety of reasons. I've defended a lot. I can't defend this. It is hard to continue to cheer for a program like this.

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