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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Withdrawal is the Only Honorable Way Out

It's a rule as old as the Roman historian Livius that a nation must accept military humiliation - i.e., sacrifice national pride - for the overall best interests of the security and liberty of the people. This is where we're at today.

(Some people are voting for Kerry in the hope that this is the course he pursues, despite his campaign promises. I hope he does. But his campaign has said much the opposite, so he failed to earn my vote. It is better to vote for a candidate for his stated promises and principles, rather than to vote for a candidate based on the wild guess of which promises he will break.)

Doug Bandow writes (italics mine):

"In the face of catastrophic failure, the administration hired a public-relations firm to generate support for Iraq. It also ended congressional access to contractor reports of spreading insurgent attacks. Administration officials apparently just hope things will get better.
Maybe they will. But then the same officials said Americans would be greeted as liberators, Iraqi oil would pay for the country's reconstruction and U.S. troop levels would rapidly diminish."

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