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Monday, November 29, 2004

This Story is a Lie

Here is the conspiracy theory conundrum. This obvious crank conspiracy story gets mainstreamed on Yahoo News. It fell quite short of believability even as I read it. And sure enough, as Srdja Trifkovic reports:

"Because they speak English, the political activists in such organisations can easily nobble Anglophone Western reporters. Contrary allegations—such as those of fraud committed by Yushchenko-supporting local authorities in western Ukraine, carefully detailed by Russian election observers but available only in Russian—go unreported. So too does evidence of crude intimidation made by Yushchenko supporters against election officials."

All facts which contradict this morality tale were suppressed, says Laughland. Thus a story had been widely circulated that Yushchenko was poisoned during the electoral campaign, allegedly because the government wanted to kill him, but no English language outlet has carried the interview by the chief physician of the Vienna clinic which treated Yushchenko for his mystery illness: "The clinic released a report declaring there to be no evidence of poisoning, after which, said the chief physician, he was subjected to such intimidation by Yushchenko's entourage—who wanted him to change the report—that he was forced to seek police protection.

"You see the whole apparat," says our source, "a conclave of governments, friendly (and government funded) NGOs, and contract opportunities. Something for everybody—and all for ‘democracy.' Y'gotta love it!"

So there was either a conspiracy to poison Yushchenko, or a conspiracy to mislead the Western public. This because Yushchenko is supposedly friendly to Western interests, while his opponent, Prime Minister Yanukovych, is friendly to Russia.

After Iraq's WMD's and the present attempt to scare us with Iran's WMD's, I have no doubt that there is a conspiracy on the part of "government sources" to lie to an American press too lazy to do any independent investigation, or even mere fact-checking.

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