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Monday, November 01, 2004

Possible Tie?

I think it's be fun to see every state have a non-controversial outcome and see the Electoral Vote come in at 269-269. Although that probably gives the election to Bush, because I think there are more majority Republican state delegations than Democrat in the House of Representatives.I kind of lean towards Kerry, though I'm not voting for either. The one good thing is that one or both parties are in for tremendous squabbling and leadership fights. That might be the only positive of this election.

Still, I suspect Kerry will pull this out. My guess is the vote of young, libertarian-leaning moderates in urban areas (such as Phoenix or Alberquerqe) - people who previously voted Republican - are going to vote against the "Christian fundamentalists." Or actually deliver enough votes for Badnarik to cost Bush the state.

That's an epic feat for Bush to pull off - how well he's alienated so many people. Libertarians - whether moderate or hard-core, do not find a friend or a home in the Republican Party anymore. That's why my previous post was called "Kerry or Badnarik?"


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM PST

    I think that you are correct concerning Kerry's likely victory tomorrow. The media is avoiding the issue of Bush's betrayal of the moderate right. In reality, Bush is a suit and tie wearing OBL or Richard the Lion Hearted wantobe, and not a conservative. The huge national debt and the corporate welfare programs are a disgrace and problem for this nation for generations to come.

    Let's hope that Kerry is more talk and less action. Let moderation prevail!

  2. incumbent presidents in tied polls are RARELY if ever re-elected... if you are a kerry supporter, dont worry, if you are a bush kinf of person... well... im sorry, but its a long shot