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Monday, November 15, 2004

Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Show is Fiction, Not a Reality Show

I didn't see the first episode, but watched the second. This "Apprentice With a Twist!" show convinced me that the real twist is a hoax played on the public. The "billionaire" here we're told, is just an actor, fooling a bunch of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a position in his company. He took six of the twelve contestants, who are Ivy League-graduated businesspeople, on a tour of his mansion. In which, among other things, he shows them Excalibur - you know, that famous sword from King Arthur legends. He found it in Hong Kong This billionaire shows it to them. He owns it.

Not one of these six supposedly educated people came forward to say, "You're full of it."

In other words, they are all actors.

Either that, or the one person who's the first to stand up and say, "You're full of it!" will be the winner.

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