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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Quote the Bible, Go to Jail, or, What's Wrong With the Swedes?

As an American who pretty much understands that the Bill of Rights ain't what it used to be, and in a lot of respects never was what we expected in the first place, still, this can probably shock any American who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The Swedes are not waging war on one and the other on separate fronts, which politicians are wont to do in any country. They have instead invaded a church-house and have thrown a pastor in jail who expressed his free opinion about human nature and morality.

I found this article from a half-excellent journal published by libertarians in Quebec. I say half excellent because half the writers are great, and the other half can't even write plain English.

You can see the main page here to get what I mean.

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