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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Drinking Royal Crown Cola this November

I have personally experienced hostility, not because I was voting Democrat, or Republican, but because I wasn't going to do either. It made no sense; at least the Kerry supporter and the Bush supporter could both be relieved that I'm not affecting the election's outcome either way. But frankly, I think some people think that it is better to vote for the other major party candidate, that this is the "American" thing to do. A Bush hater would rather have me vote for Bush than Badnarik, and a Kerry hater would rather have me vote for Kerry than Nader (or Cobb or Peroutka).

I think voting third-party is itself a subversive threat that PO's some people. The Crats and the GOP are in deep denial about how both parties are carrying out virtually the identical agenda.

Anyway, from the article by Timothy Roloff:

Ed, a Coke drinker, thinks purchasing RC means supporting Pepsi. A Pepsi drinker would probably think just the opposite. The truth is, if it weren’t for RC I’d either just flip a coin each time at the soda machine or abstain from pop altogether. In the long term, what kind of market would we have if there were no upstarts champing at the bit, if everyone were perfectly content with the status quo? Being a savvy consumer and going with an off-brand refreshment doesn’t make me a disaffected utopian.

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