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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Break Up the United States!

At the same party last night, I encountered another young woman who had received an e-mail messeage from me that I had set up this blog. She kidded me about "Who have you offended lately?"

Well, I told her that the blog highlighted two things: contemporary questions on U.S. foreign policy, and my advocacy of the dismantling of the American Union. Culturally, who do I have more in common with, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL, or some dude in a band in Toronto, Canada? That question, my friend conceded, was unanswerable.

My nation is the Anglo-Celtic nation and "my people" are in London, Glascow, Dublin, New York, Omaha, Atlanta, Phoenix, Sacremento, Hamilton, Winnepeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, and points in between.

By that I mean, that we look alike, speak the same language and have the same religious base,which are the fundamental pre-recquisites of a genuine nationality.

But we are not united by having the same government. This is good. So all that I ask is to break up the government even further. There's no security interest to keep this thing together - in fact, keeping the Union together is itself the greatest threat. So why don't we concede the futility and defeat, and break ourselves apart? In both the short and the long run, we'd be far freer and more secure if we did this now.


  1. Anonymous12:40 AM PDT

    The world would indeed be safer if all countries were the size of Singapore, Hong Kong, or Lichtenstein. Viva secession! With free trade (I mean truly free, without tariffs of any kind) and money backed by gold and administered by a non-fractional-reserve worldwide system of private banking not tethered to government, there would be an effulgence of peace, prosperity, and diversity...I think!

    Unfortunately, this is such a utopian vision I will end my comment here, not having the faintest idea how to bring about such a radical reorganization of civilisation before we blow ourselves up.

  2. You don't reorganize it all from the top: you resist intrusions on liberty and local sovereignty from the grass-roots.