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Monday, January 23, 2017

The State lies

I frequently watch Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter on the ID channel.

An episode struck at me as distressing. Here are the facts as revealed...

1. A party was held.
2. It had members of a gang, but it was in another gang's neighborhood.
3. The gang that "owned" that neighborhood  showed up, uninvited, to intimidate.
4. A brawl broke out.
5. With an uninvited guest on top of him, the invited partier reached for his pistol and shot the guy in the neck, and he died.

Kenda did what he had to do: he found out what happened. The narrator took over and said the killer was charged for 1st Degree Murder, though it was pleaded down to manslaughter and the killer got 12 years.

Say what you want about the killer. He was probably a bad guy. And the victim might have turned out to be a good guy, but he was doing wrong when he was killed.

Here's what angers me: this was obviously not a case of premeditated, 1st degree murder. If anything, it was the opposite of that.

I'm  not saying the killer did right. But obviously it was an impulse, not planned. The killer didn't pre-plan the whole thing to specifically kill this particular guy.

The State knew this. The State lies.

If you ask me why I hate the State, I would ask, why didn't the charge, the truth, exist in the first place?

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