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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hard to explain the betrayal

No tweet, no fb post, no blog post, heck, no commissioned article or book can adequately explain the depth of betrayal I felt by the federal "government," the Democratic Party, and yes, my spiritual leaders, when Bill Clinton bombed Serbia over Kosovo and THEN when Obama bombed Libya. This wasn't about taxes or stupid regulations, or the best way to make minor improvements to the status quo, or the "proper role of government." Or even the existence of The State or the morality of aggression. This was about STARTING WARS and MURDERING PEOPLE WHO POSED NO THREAT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and TAKING SIDES IN COMPLICATED CIVIL WARS WITH NO GOOD GUYS. And VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION, FEDERAL LAW, AND THE UN CHARTER. You could say, "The Republicans did even worse." I EXPECT WORSE FROM REPUBLICANS. But at least Bush I went to Congress over Kuwait and Bush II went to Congress over Saddam. So to you preening, self-righteous Democrat partisans, if your moral compass doesn't include that maybe, just maybe, that a harmless person across the ocean has the right to live, on what moral grounds to you have to lecture me about anything?

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