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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Springtime for the Comments Section

I submitted this comment to Rod Dreher's Christians Can No Longer Be Pharmacists:
No one should be denied by The State from buying anything, and no one should be coerced by the State into selling anything to anyone. 

This libertarian voluntaryism is the only principle to fight for. It encompasses religious liberty but isn't about religious liberty.

What we can't do, without looking ridiculous, is affirm the legitimacy of regulation in principle, and then be shocked when they're not the regulations we want. 
And this comment to Sean Gabb's Europe: The Age of Globalism, 1989-2016(?)
The Brexit vote reminds me more of the June, 1989 democratic election in Poland than the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s the start of something big.
I also submitted this to Brian T. Smith's Shame on NBA Players who chose to skip Olympics:
Chicago radio, 2004, Jay Mariotti attacked Shaq's patriotism because of the Olympics. Don't be like Jay Mariotti.
And on YouTube:

Happy 90th birthday Mel Brooks! Two of the times I laughed hardest were thanks to him. One was the beans scene in Blazing Saddles. The other is this. 

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