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Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22, 2014: A Sublime Post

February 22: this day in history (from Wikipedia)

1856 – "The Republican Party opens its first national meeting in Pittsburgh." Within a few years, they executed a "southern strategy," but I hear it was a little different from the one they employed 100 years later.

1924 – "U.S. President Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President to deliver a radio broadcast from the White House." It's a good thing we live in a healthy democracy and Presidents haven't subsequently abused broadcast media for demagoguery and propaganda.

1980 – "Miracle on Ice: In Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeats the Soviet Union hockey team 4-3." Jimmy Carter subsequently forces a boycott of the Summer Games in Moscow, ostensibly out of protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but probably because he didn't want the Soviets to even the score by beating the U.S. in basketball.

1997 –"In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announce that an adult sheep named Dolly has been successfully cloned." I thought there'd be a cloned human by now.

Notable quotes (from BrainyQuote unless otherwise noted)

"It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it." - George Washington (February 22, 1732-December 14, 1799)

"National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country. Every nation mocks at other nations, and all are right." -
Arthur Schopenhauer  (22 February 1788 – 21 September 1860)

" I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that." - Sparky Anderson, baseball manager  (February 22, 1934 – November 4, 2010)

"If you're going to go through hell... I suggest you come back learning something." - Drew Barrymore  (born February 22, 1975)

Song of the Day

Sublime's singer Bradley Nowell  (February 22, 1968 – May 25, 1996) would have turned 46 today.

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