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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Defending Rocky

Grantland has a tournament poll on the biggest Oscar travesties.

I skipped the 3 million-word explanation and methodology. I haven't seen all the Oscars or all the movies.

Nevertheless, I went to Facebook and started voting.

I did have to make one comment about Rocky winning Best Picture is a "travesty:"

Rocky, Network, All the Presidents Men, and Taxi Driver might have all won Best Picture if they were made in separate years. That's not Rocky's fault. If the others split the vote for serious/arty movies, and the most crowd-pleasing film won, that's not Rocky's fault. (And it is, itself, a damn serious and dramatic film.) In 75% of the years, no one complains about Rocky winning. It was a fluke that that many movies were made this year that were 4-star.

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