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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Second-Guessing Myth

To the Washington Redskins and National Sports Media,

It simply isn't true that criticism of the Redskins' handling of Robert Griffin III during their January 6 play-off loss was "second-guessing."

After the Redskins scored their second touchdown to go up 14-0, I agreed with the person watching with me that Griffin looked injured. We thought that, with this cushion, he should be pulled for his back-up for a series or two, who had a few weeks ago that he could play.  

Millions of football fans watching on television thought the same thing.

How is it "second-guessing" to think this move should be made even as Griffin was still playing well?

It's "first-guessing." It's seeing the player with our own eyeballs.

When I saw Griffin back in the game in the next drive, I thought it was the wrong decision. I didn't think at the time that he should have been pulled for the entirety of the game, only that more time was needed to examine his condition.

So let's be clear, not all disagreements are second-guessing.

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