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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie Guillen's Possible Dilemma

Regarding the Miami Marlins manager who is in hot water for saying he "loved" Fidel Castro, as I originally posted on Facebook:

I don't know what's in Ozzie Guillen's mind. But I can imagine that if I grew up in Venezuela in the 1970's as Ozzie did, aware of U.S. attempts to treat all of Latin America like colonies for a century, and told that Castro in Cuba has thwarted U.S. domination, I might think, "Way to go, Castro" and that bit of affection might stick with me through the years, for the very reason that the Castros have STILL thwarted U.S. domination. Of course, if Ozzie tried to explain this, he would come off as not just pro-Castro but also anti-American, which is even worse.

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