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Friday, August 01, 2008

My Book!

I've been relatively quiet on the blog recently, partly because of summer travel, and partly because I was busy getting my book together.

The book is now for sale, before I've had time to implement a marketing plan for it, or even to develop one. But you can get the book here: http://www.createspace.com/3347274

Ron Paul Is a Nut (And So Am I)

By James Leroy Wilson

"In this, his first book, James Leroy Wilson takes on Congressional busy-bodies, dictatorial Presidents, over-reaching federal judges, and the moralists, globalists, and socialists of all parties who believe government has a duty to meddle in other countries and in our private lives. Defending the individual against the state, the market against the central planners, and the local against the global, Wilson employs a unique style with insightful social commentary to argue that the Constitution is the best prescription for peace, prosperity, and freedom."

I hope you like it. You can get it here.

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