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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Day For America

It's a great day for America because Giuliani is out of the Presidential race. Unfortunately, so is John Edwards; I don't have anything nice to say about him but I was hoping he'd stick around in case Obama or Hillary would self-destruct. He could have been a spoiler and made things interesting.

If McCain is the Republican nominee, apparently the immigration issue isn't as important as we thought. McCain's been the biggest supporter of Bush's policies in Congress.

A Clinton-McCain election would cement George W. Bush's legacy, because it means both parties had nominated their most warmongering candidates. It makes one almost want an Obama-Romney race. At least there would be new blood, and while no one has anything nice to say about Romney, at least he's not a complete idiot in the mold of Bush and McCain. Besides, it might be nice to actually have a successful businessman in the race, instead of a failed one like Bush.

My main hope is that Ron Paul's run will lead to a larger movement for smaller government, leading to growth of organizations such as Downsize DC. But I might be biased.

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  1. My first choice: Ron Paul

    my second choice: Barack Obama

    Best wishes from a leftlibertarian from germany! :-)