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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Five Votes?

Yes, the numbers may increase, but according to CNN and with 97% of precincts reporting, Dennis Kucinich got 5 votes in the Nevada primary. Five votes in the entire state.

True, Kucinich was excluded in some recent debates, but, like Ron Paul, he had an entire year, including several televised debates, to build support. Sheesh, Duncan Hunter has 879 votes.

In the entire state, no more than 5 people decided to make a statement, register a protest against the front-runners, or be true to their convictions by voting for Kucinich. Even in Michigan, he got only 4% in a contest Edwards and Obama refused to contest. It makes me wonder whether he was ever running a serious campaign.

Considering how Dodd and Biden, like Kucinich, were annihilated early on, it seems as though Democratic voters set aside quibbles and disagreements, and narrowed the race early on by flocking to the front-runners. The Republican Party seems to be far more ideologically diverse, which is why its race is unsettled.

But speaking of that, it's strange, and wonderful, how they could marginalize one of the most famous men in America. If our primary system existed in 1952, and if there was a large field of contenders, Eisenhower wouldn't have had to campaign at all to have gotten solid percentages in every state. But Giuliani is no Eisenhower, and, like ex-Senator and television actor Fred Thompson, is now finishing behind Ron Paul with regularity. How can Florida propel him to victory in other states, if he has no solid standing heading into Florida?

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  1. Anonymous5:09 PM PST

    People just dont get it. They want to say I WON, so they vote for who will win.

    It's really quite laughable. I wish America the best, because all will be different soon, and I am not to blame. Those who were just selfish for the win are,,,