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Friday, January 11, 2008

But It's Still Hannah

If I understand it, Hannah Montana is a fictional character played by Miley Cyrus on television and on tour. In concert, the first half of the concert is Miley performing as Hannah, and the second half Miley is performing as herself.

There is a transition at the end of the closing song of Hannah's set in which a stand-in dances briefly as Hannah while Miley switches costumes to take the stage to perform as herself. Some fans who figured it out are very upset.

Is this fraud? Are the fans being cheated because it isn't really Miley out there for a minute or two?

Of course not, because it is still Hannah Montana the fictional character who they paid to see, only for this brief period she is being played by someone else. The fans paid to see, for the first half of the show, "Hannah Montana," not Miley, and they're still seeing Hannah Montana, just as it's still Indiana Jones even when he's played by a stunt double instead of Harrison Ford.

If this was pulled off in the portion where Miley, the real person, had a stand-in, that would be different. The fans would have a right to feel cheated. But not when it's a fictional person they're seeing in the first place.

Hannah Montana fans should grow up.

(That last sentence is supposed to be ironic.)

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