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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Upsetting the “Patriots”

The Monday Night Football game of November 26 was highly unusual. The weather and field were so bad that the game was delayed 25 minutes. Not wanting to wait any longer, Steeler and NFL officials canceled the traditional performance of the Star-Spangled Banner. They later regretted and apologized for the decision. This story elicited over 12,500 comments at Yahoo.

Public prayers to Almighty God that the game be sportsmanlike and injury-free? We can't have that, because it would offend the non-religious. But how DARE they cancel the hymn to the Almighty Fl-g! (I fear that spelling the word may be blasphemous.) Dissing the American Fl-g means you’re dishonoring those who died preserving American hegemony, bailing out the British Empire, bailing out America's banks, stealing colonies from Spain, exterminating the natives, preserving the Union for the benefit of railroad interests, conquering half of Mexico, invading Canada for our freedom!

Actually, most of those who died, particularly since 1860, were conscripts who died for their own freedom - that is, died because they decided draft evasion and/or desertion were too risky or shameful. They were pawns - victims - of politicians. Their sacrifices were largely unnecessary. The performance of the Star Spangled Banner actually helps perpetuate the myth that the wars they died in were necessary and just.

I'm amazed at what people choose to get upset about.

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  1. 4,000 people died to enrich the already rich and connected...bah!

    They didn't sing the National Anthem?...HOW DARE THEY!

    I'll never understand. Maybe the masses are like fluids and electricity and take the path of least resistance. It is just easier to get upset about something trivial because there is so much less at stake.