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Monday, October 08, 2007

Disarm the Cops

Disarming police officers is the logical solution to prevent another tragedy like this.

At least we should prohibit them from carrying firearms while off-duty.

That would have prevented this, right?

Just as addicts will get illegal drugs, so it is that deranged individuals are not deterred by law.

Other thoughts related to this Crandon shooting:

Questions have been raised about Tyler Peterson passing the background check to become a police officer, which makes me think, he's 20! What "background" is there to check?

How low must the pay be for law enforcement officers in rural WI that 20 year-olds, who are not even responsible enough to drink, can become cops? If teachers have to get Ed. degrees to be "qualified," why shouldn't law enforcement officers be forced to get criminal justice degrees?

Also, he was killed by a SWAT team? In rural Wisconsin? I hope in that remote region of the state SWAT troops are part-time. Or maybe there are enough drug dealers in the area to keep them busy with no-knock raids.

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  1. Anonymous9:46 PM PDT

    let every wan and woman older than 21 carry hand guns, then you would see a drop in crime rates. someone would think twice before he tryed to rape or robe you if he knew you where carring a gun.