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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Live by the Police State, Die by the Police State

Roger Roots has a great piece on now ex-Senator Craig at LRC. Craig's tenure in Washington coincided with the expansion of the Police State - much of which Craig supported - and it is this very Police State that entrapped him and forced him to enter a possibly false guilty plea. Craig was hoist by a petard he had part ownership of.

It is frustrating Craig is forced out for a non-crime - not for supporting the war or any of dozens really "unforgivable" votes.

I'm reminded of Alberto Gonzales getting run out of the Attorney General office for the perfectly legal activity of firing U.S. Attorneys - not because of torture memos or warrant-less wiretapping.

The political class gets upset over the wrong things and has no idea what's important.

By the way, the "unforgivable" link above to Mitch McConnell's opinion of Craig's non-crime also mentioned this:
McConnell was being honored for steering $2.5 million in federal funds to the law school for a program that places students in summer internships to help prosecute drug-related crime.
Steering pork-barrel, unconstitutional spending to the insane War on Drugs - that is "unforgivable." That is what is wrong with America, not the fact that a Senator wants anonymous gay fellatio.

Mitch McConnell ought to be ashamed of himself.

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