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Friday, September 07, 2007

Likely Republican Voter

I think it's interesting how there are polls of "likely Republican voters." Am I a likely Republican voter?

- if Ron Paul is still in the primaries by the time my state holds its primary, I will register as a Republican and vote for him.
- if Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him.
- if the GOP nominee is not Ron Paul, this nominee will have to reverse his position on Iraq and some other issues to get me to even consider voting for him. No chance of that.

So I am a "likely Republican voter" in the primary, and an unlikely Republican voter in the general election.

Because the Democratic race is pretty much over for antiwar Democrats (i.e., Gravel, Kucinich, and Richardson supporters), I could see many crossing the line and voting for Paul in the Republican primaries. That is the best way they will get their antiwar point across.

There are "likely Republican voters," and then there are Ron Paul supporters.


  1. Mr. Wilson,

    Yes, Dr. Paul is a great American... I have been following him for some time.

    I may have seen your columns at LRC in the past - though I might be mixing you up with another one of their columnists. Were you the one that presented the Southern anthology (or bibliography, perhaps) article, which was linked to in LRC's archive, some years ago, with the image of a rose? That may have been someone else.

    Anyway, I don't know if I've been to your actual weblog before - if I haven't, that is unfortunate, especially since it's been around since back when I was more active in the Blogosphere.

    I have added "Independent Country" to my blogroll, and also to the blogroll at my secondary weblog, which was created to archive my blog entries on foreign policy that were published before the start of the current Iraq war. The changes should show up, when I next publish changes. This blog is one that I think would be worthy of being a 'Weblog of the Week', on those sidebars.

    Thanks for continuing to provide your commentary and perspective... I hope you keep it up, for awhile to come.

  2. Thanks! I have added your current blog to my own roll.

    That was probably Clyde Wilson you were thinking of at LRC. No relation.