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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Overrated Movies

Wally Conger looks at Premiere's list of most overrated movies, with good comments from Tom Ender and B.W. Richardson.

For me, Saving Private Ryan was perhaps the most disappointing thing I saw at the theater. I couldn't square in my mind that the impressive and authentic opening sequence of the D-Day invasion should be in the same movie as the unrealistic and implausible story that followed. Another disappointment was Traffic, as the silly plot line involving the Drug Czar's daughter didn't belong in a tv movie, let alone an otherwise interesting and serious theatrical release.

Of the movies on Premier's list, I certainly agree with A Beautiful Mind, Moonstruck, and Good Will Hunting.

And nothing's more frustrating than knowing that the best movie nominated has no chance of winning the Oscar, and that Academy voters themselves know which is the best movie and refuse to vote for it. Examples include 1983's The Right Stuff losing to Terms of Endearment, 1990's Goodfellas losing to Dances With Wolves, 1994's Pulp Fiction losing to Forrest Gump, and 1997's L.A. Confidential losing to Titanic. (I'd include 1996's Fargo losing to The English Patient, but admittedly I didn't see the latter.)


  1. Fargo was nominated the year The English Patient won?! Take my word for it, that belongs among those examples!!!

  2. Saving Ryan's Privates was indeed one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen.

  3. I forgot that A Beautiful Mind came out the year the first Lord of the Rings came out.

  4. GreginOz9:03 PM PST

    bah! crime of the century was when Kramer vs Kramer won IMSTEAD OF Apocalypse Now !!! What the...?