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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Overexposed, Commercialized

Interesting how things come and go. Last winter, I'd have thought George Clooney was an overexposed celebrity. A few years ago J-Lo would have been up there; it's curious Angelina Jolie isnt' today.

Overexposed, to me, means desiring a person to just go away already. They may even do a lot of good work, but you just get sick of them. In that sense, I'd say that there's been a tie for overexposure over the past few years: Terrell Owens (half the year ever year) and the American Idol judges (the other half).

For three years after U2 releases an album, Bono rates high in overexposure. It's nice that U2 gives us a break from Bono and releases an album only once every four years.


  1. Is it even possible to see too much Angelina Jolie?

  2. It's not her looks, it's her private life that I don't care about.