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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Next Big Thing?

I've been pretty out of touch with today's music, and may be late in jumping on this bandwagon - the Brits have been fans of this American band for years - but I haven't heard or seen anyone as cool as the Scissor Sisters in ages.


  1. I discovered them a while back but had to order a CD from Amazon because no one around here had one

  2. Scott Shepherd11:28 AM PDT

    I'm probably going to sound like an old fart, but from the little I've heard and seen of them, they seem to be ripping off Elton John quite a bit.

  3. GreginOz10:41 PM PDT

    They are a Pommy Glam/Disco band and have had VERY successful concerts in Uk/Oz/Europe/Japan etc. Unfortunately, in interview the last time they were in Oz, the gay lead singer said that USA audiences spat on him and tooootally freaked out at his overt sexuality. You yanks are SOOOOO uptight:-)