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Monday, July 17, 2006

Stormtrooper Watch

I admire the Minutemen for, if nothing else, throwing a political wrench into the plans for a consolidated North American Union. I have no praise for those who demand greater entitlements and citizenship for immigrants.

But, of course, any group of people has the right to peacefully assemble, and the Minutemen disgrace themselves if they cheer cops who bash the skulls of anti-Minutemen demonstrators (ht: Fawkes):
Having already surrounded the opposition protestors, members of the LAPD aggressively approached. This despite the fact that the opposition activists were non-violent even when approached by Minutemen provocateurs that frequently drifted across the street.

A young woman in her 20’s was dragged from the crowd, violently thrown down in the street and was hit several times with the policeman’s baton. This was the beginning of the cop riot.

For the next several minutes aggressive members of the LAPD hit several people with batons.

An innocent bystander, a middle-aged Latina, more than likely a grandmother, was on the other side of the street and had apparently just happened upon the intersection after exiting a city bus. She was thrown to the ground by the LAPD. She was pushed and hit with the cop’s baton and thrown backwards down the sidewalk, landing hard on the ground.

She had nothing to do with the protest. She was an innocent passerby on the other side of the street. She can be seen in the photograph below sitting in tears on a bus bench. Above the law, police were allowed to act in a manner contrary to the civil society they are supposedly sworn to protect and serve.

All the action took place to the soundtrack of Minutemen cheers and calls.
I don't know when or if I will ever go to a political demonstration. Because if I do, I'll be armed, and if provoked, I would shoot. And then the stormtroopers will have their excuse for a bloodbath. Ain't worth it.

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  1. GreginOz10:08 PM PDT

    Ain't worth it to shoot? Rubbish. "When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty" !!! These thugs understand one thing only...lead. Corey Maye ROCKS! The paramilitary mindset can not be defeated by flowers, or hyms, by pleading, or innocence. If my Grndma was knocked to the ground by govt. thugs I 'd be going huntin'...