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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Who is Victor Bout?

Jeff Wells, as usual, looks at the story behind the story, this time on the Dubai ports deal.

Congressman Ron Paul Is a Liberal

Because, as we all know, to vote against the Administration means you're a liberal, right? Logan Ferree begs to differ.


I've done some shuffling to the links and added some new blogs and resources. Take a look if you haven't in a while to find some new stuff!

The Top 5 Numbers

Ironically, 5 doesn't even make the list.

Sixteen Tons

Despite all the injustices and outrages, who doesn't just love this civilization? A song comes on my radio station, and I want to know more about it so I google it. Within two minutes I know a good deal about something that ten years ago would have been hard to find in a library, and certainly not worth the effort of finding out.

A musician is asked by his record company to write four songs that "sounded folky" as 78s. Next thing you know, he's branded a communist sympathizer. Nine years later another singer records one of these "communist" songs as a B-side, and in two months it sells two million copies - making me wonder how many of those were purchased at the company store. Here's the story behind the greatest song of the 20th century.

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