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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Ten Worst Ideas in American History

My latest at the Partial Observer.

There are so many rotten ideas, income taxes didn't even make the list!


  1. You forgot the designated hitter.

  2. VF,
    Yeah, and the Holy Bible never shows up on the NYT bestseller list, either...

  3. Great list, although I think your order may have been a bit off...(Government schools at #9? Really??)

    I would have put government schooling and fiat money as 1 and 2, respectively...as they are the enablers of all the rest.

  4. At the root of about half of these ills is the Constitution itself, based on the principle of a national government with direct legislative authority over the peoples of the states. The old Confederation was funded by state governments, which collected their quotas through a land value tax; and it could only disburse its own funds and give orders to its own officers--any direct legislation had to be *requested* from the state legislatures.