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Thursday, December 08, 2005

On Living In a Political Vacuum

I just came across a Sean Gabb essay on British Politics. Does this country sound vaguely familiar?

"There is no doubt that the Blair Government now has more enemies than friends. It has turned this country into a militarised, politically correct police state. It has alienated the liberal middle classes and the conservative working classes. It has upset the most respectable and politically engaged ethnic minorities. It is alarming everyone who has been prudent enough to acquire a freehold or a little capital. It has stolen our pensions. It has given us a police force unwilling to protect our lives and properties, but eager to use lethal force against anyone who might seem inclined to look at them in a funny way. It has raised up a terrorist threat that did not exist before � nor would have existed without � our joining in a failed war of conquest with its attendant atrocities in the Middle East."

Whole thing here.

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