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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why Do They Say These Things?

During halftime of the Notre Dame-Syracuse game, the studio anchor tells us that the Harvard-Yale game, tied at 24, is in its third overtime. The idiot then tells us it is the first time in 122 meetings that the game has gone to overtime. True, but college football has had overtime for only ten years!

You can't trust the mainstream media to give you straight facts even in sports.

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  1. Just like the idiots during the World Series who kept informing us just how long the state of Texas had gone without a team in the Series. The stats they kept flashing put the Astros drought starting in '62 and the Rangers in '61. Even though the Washington Senators were the expansion team in '61 that didn't move to Texas until '72. Those supposed 87 combined years were really 76.