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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What, no Instapundit?

Liberty & Power is hosting a Best Libertarian Academic Blogs contest.

I regularly check out about just five or so of the many nominees over four categories, and probably won't vote. But I might for B.K. Marcus's LOWERCASE LIBERTY and the Mises blog because they are the most educational of the nominated blogs I read.

Of blogs that don't qualify as "academic" but are nonetheless probably more educational than most of the nominated blogs, I think of Wally Conger's Out of Step and Kevin Carson's Mutualist blog. And I mean "educational" in that they venture more into theory, and the thought of great libertarian thinkers of the past. This is not to say they are "better" than other blogs; they're great blogs but I'm not into giving out awards. I'm just pointing out that (thankfully) libertarian theory isn't monopolized by Ph.D's and think tanks.

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