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Sunday, October 09, 2005


When playing Scrabble, I like getting the 4 point letters w and h, and don't mind the f, but dread the v. The value v may have as a letter mid-word is negated by the potential of f at the beginning of the world. Think of words beginning fl or fr, compared to vl or vr. When I get a v, my thought automatically turns to getting rid of it. Probably not rational play, but I hate the letter.

I'm also not a fan of the n. When I get two or three l's, r's, or s's, I don't mind. But with more than one n, my mind turns to getting rid of at least the extras. My guess is that I don't see 50-point or add-on potential for n's, and not as many nn combinations, unlike ll. R's I like, especially when teamed with e's. I start thinking I have seven letter word potential with all the re and er possibilities.

I'm not normallly concerned with a glut of e's. Every other vowel can pose a problem, although there's a good number of oo words.

P is my favorite 3 point letter. You gotta love the d. I'm not a fan of the g unless I also have an i and n.

And, of course, x is better than j, and z is better than q.

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  1. don't slight the j, which is very adjustible. would you care to play jamble - a form of scrabble with some different rules on www.itsyourturn.com ?

    i agree with you on intermediate value letters, and find the k a real treat. I have a math based scrabble game, but it doesn't give the charge. When the currency goes, can we use scrabble tiles as a new currency?