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Monday, September 05, 2005

Commander in Chief

I keep seeing ads for the new series in which Geena Davis plays the President of the United States.

I feel bad saying this, but I don't think there's been a single Geena Davis project that I was at all interested in watching since the wonderful Accidental Tourist (1988). This show doesn't look good. Even though she's pretty and a decent actress, I just don't buy her screen presence. And I feel bad for her that I feel that way.

Lost will remain appointment television. Other than that, Arrested Development and Sunday night Fox comedies will probably be watched when I'm lazy. And I've taken to watching Numb3rs. The cast - the cutie from Sportsnight, Rob Morrow, Judd Hirsch, and the guy who plays the math genius, are likeable people, enough to forgive them for working for the FBI and frequently investigating crimes that the feds have no business investigating. Plus, the application of math is fun, if perhaps unrealistic and/or simplistic.

Oh yeah, then there's As Time Goes By, the British comedy on PBS with Judi Dench. Very likable characters - it makes one want to move to England and live with them.

And football.

That's already more than enough television for anyone.

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  1. She was good in "Earth Girls are Easy" and "Beetlejuice".