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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Federal Government vs. Liberty

My latest at the Partial Observer.


But even during the awful years of the Cold War, one could say that aside from the draft (which is admittedly a pretty big "aside"), American society was far freer than it is now. Where were the "mandatory minimum" sentences? The drug tests? The speech codes on campus, or "sexual harassment" laws? How many were in federal prison for crimes that the Constitution left for the states to define and punish? How many were in federal prison even though they committed no crimes at all? Where were the security searches at airports? In how many places were you forced to show your driver's license and give out your Social Security number? How much of a political campaign was spent fundraising and trying to comply/get around onerous campaign finance laws? How many Americans saw their property taken from them because of a DEA raid? How many American military personnel were implicated in torture scandals? What was the size of the budget deficit?

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  1. The current president is like the missionaries of the past.
    "Attepmting to do everything my way the Texas way because it is right."
    States should decide for themselves I agree.
    Whats even worse is that Bush is not just doing this in US.
    Other countries are also being forced.