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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Donnie Kennedy '08

A Donnie Kennedy for President website is up for the Southern author/activist.

The vision is a Liberty Based Society:

Donnie Kennedy’s platform is contained in his pledge to initiate a political movement to replace the current liberal/socialist regime with a Liberty Based Society (LBS) in which government will play a minor role in our society. Government in a LBS will be limited by (1) a constitutional amendment acknowledging the right of State Nullification and Secession, (2) requiring that total government taxation – local, state and federal – be limited to no more than 10% of GDP, and (3) removing indirect taxation via inflation by closing the Federal Reserve and returning to a gold based monetary policy.

These are necessary to diminish big government and prevent its return. Nobody can plausibly argue for both government schools and a 10% tax cap. Congress wouldn't let Presidents attack other nations willy-nilly, because there wouldn't be enough money. Most programs at all levels of government would have to be abolished, and civil society and voluntary cooperation will re-emerge. H.L. Mencken's dream: a government that barely escapes being no government at all.

I also like that the plan is to run in Republican primaries. As I wrote at LRC some months back, instead running as a 3rd party candidate, run first in the primary of the dominant party in your area.

This will be a good measure of the breadth, depth, and commitment of the Southern movement - and the rest of us. If Southerners won't get D.C. off their back, no one will.

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  1. Has that Rightwatch blog dude gotten wind of this Kennedy guy yet?