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Monday, June 06, 2005

Conservatives v. Republicans

Supreme Court officially repeals Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

I do not believe you can applaud federal law and condemn medical marijuana users and still call yourself a conservative in any sense. I suspect many people on the right who do not sit in Congress are disappointed in this decision.

I will point out that two of the three dissenters were Rehnquist and Thomas, two parts of the three-headed monster (along with Scalia) that Senate Democrats have demonized in their filibuster against allegedly conservative judicial nominees. Yet it was the supposedly conservative Bush administration that argued against state's rights in this case. Is Bush nominating to the federal bench "real" conservatives who will uphold Constitutional limits even when it contradicts Bush Administration policy?

What a price to pay. Congressional Republicans, as loathesome a bunch as Congressional Democrats, want nothing but absolute power and will pass any law that pleases their religious base and "let the courts decide" constitutionality. All they want are federal judges who will reverse the abortion, sodomy, and prayer in school decisions, and then rubber stamp the federal police state.

I do not believe that normal conservatives are so fanatically anti-liberty as are the "conservatives" in Congress and the White House. I thought conservatives thought of themselves as pro-individual rights, and pro-state's rights. They will soon find out that, in supporting a President who says the right things about abortion and human life, they will lose every - and I mean every - other freedom.

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