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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Progressive Libertarians

This is a Free Liberal interview with Paul Gagnon, of the Democratic Freedom Caucus National Committee. Gagnon says,

There was a time when a number of Libertarians that were saying the first thing we should cut is corporate welfare, and to reduce the military. So it was a very left-wing tinge to the LP, which has slowly faded out. [We] still feel that, when we’re going to cut government, we should first talk about how we’re going to cut subsidies to the wealthy and to the corporations. And then we can talk about kicking out the so-called ‘welfare queens,’ which tend to be the poor. I like to think that the DFC is putting a real human concern – a real human face – on libertarian philosophy. And we admit that the libertarian philosophy doesn’t have all the answers. We know we have to be pragmatic, and we realize that we’re not going to create “libertopia” overnight. Over time, I believe we can bring people to what I call a progressive libertarian philosophy.


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