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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fascist Britain

One of the most galling aspects of the Bush & Blair's "liberation" of Iraq is the degree that both men have taken away the freedoms of their own people. Physician, heal thyself! From Philip Luty:

Due to the information shown on thehomegunsmith.com website, police raided and
searched three addresses belonging to the Luty family. They were looking,
apparently, for "prohibited firearms".

At one address the police seized a computer, numerous copies of "Expedient Homemade Firearms" Volumes I and II, and various CDs containing gun design drawings. Nothing illegal was recovered. Land belonging to the Luty family was also searched. Nothing illegal was recovered.

Edward Luty (my 75 year old father) who is suffering from cancer, was arrested at his home and "dragged" to the police station in handcuffs. His home was ransacked and searched. He was charged with "Conspiracy to manufacture firearms". After a period of two to three hours in a cell, the police realised how ill he was and released him. His home now resembled a bombsite due to the mess created by a heavy handed police search team. He was left with nowhere to sleep. His crime??... to be related to the author of thehomegunsmith.com website.

John Luty (my brother) was stopped and arrested (at gun point) by around twenty police officers while driving home from work. He was arrested and charged with "conspiracy to manufacture firearms" and his home was also ransacked and searched. Nothing illegal was recovered. His crime??... to be related to the author of thehomegunsmith.com website.

A great deal of wanton damage was caused to property during these searches,
apparently in revenge for failure to locate anything more dangerous than a
collection of books and CDs!

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