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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Conservative Movies

Recently I finally saw on DVD two movies that came out last year, Miracle and The Incredibles. Miracle, the docudrama of the 1980 USA Hockey Team, is a celebration of individual genius and striving (coach Herb Brooks's), but also hard work and sacrifice for team goals. The patriotism is present, and very important in the background, but it seems that wanting to play in the Olympics, not "duty to country" was paramount.

The Incredibles celebrates individual achievement and development of one's true potential and calling, but in a context of familial love. It is also anti-bureaucracy and anti-violent crime.

Both can make one remember with fondness the values that were once shared by conservatives and liberbarians, before the conservatives went fascist on us. Now, a "conservative" movie could be any one of those "unconventional cops vs. drug dealers" action flicks Hollywood's been cranking out since the 1980's.

It also makes me wonder: Hollywood celebrates the non-conformist, and the conservatism mentioned above, and the fascism of cop/war flicks. So there is some ideological diversity there, with one exception: Does Hollywood ever celebrate socialism or the welfare state?

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